Cartwheel Creamery

Nanny Blue

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Cartwheel Creamery know how to make great cheese and the Nanny Blue is no exception. A perfectly balanced blue cheese with exuberant salinity, and mild blue cheese sharpness. Your palate will detect the distinctive taste of Goat's milk, but it is elegantly presented and balanced with the creamy texture of the cheese. A rare Goat's milk blue, you will definitely want to add this seasonal release to your next cheese platter.


Pair with:

Absolute delicious with a lovely fig paste, or candied fig. 


Wine / Beer match:

Goat's cheese and Sancerre / Sauvignon Blanc is a classic match, but the high salinity and robust bitterness of the blue cheese lends itself to a botrytis or late harvest Riesling, or Sauternes.

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