Evansdale Cheese

Farmhouse Brie

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The flagship cheese from master artisans Evansdale Cheese, who have been crafting this cheese for over 30 years. Packed with flavours of mushroom and forest floor, this farmhouse brie has a spongey texture that softens slightly at room temperature, but won't end up in a puddle on your platter. This cheese is almost ubiquitously liked and always disappears first off a cheese platter.


Pair with:

A fruity paste; plum, cherry or berry makes a delightful flavour combination. Serve on a crusty baguette for the perfect picnic lunch.


Wine / Beer match: 

Pair with a light white wine Pinot Gris, lightly oaked Chardonnay, or a light red wine e.g. a Martinborough Pinot Noir with earthy tones, mushroom and forest floor.

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