About Us

The Artisan Hub aims to bring the best hand made products by New Zealand artisans together in one online space. 

We want to tell the story of the unique New Zealander's who put their heart and soul in to their products. We have scoured the farmer's markets, collectives and co-ops to find the best products from up and down the country. The products you find on The Artisan Hub have been curated specifically because they tell the story of the area where they were produced and reflect the terroir, provenance and the tikanga of the way in which they were lovingly crafted.

At The Artisan Hub, we believe that New Zealand has some of the best cheese in the world and we want give these talented artisans a platform to raise awareness and sell their products to New Zealander's who don't have the opportunity to easily get their hands on the artisan's beautifully crafted products. 


Our values

Sustainability, passion and quality are at heart of everything we do at The Artisan Hub. All the products for sale, have been curated by The Artisan Hub team, and meet our strict selection criteria.

Safety is paramount and non negotiable, and we do everything we can to ensure that products are prepared, and are transported to you in a safe and secure method. We are MPI certified and take the utmost care with preparation and delivery of your cheeses.

Finally we want to support our fellow New Zealanders. We believe that New Zealand is the greatest little country on earth and the people who live here are what make it so. By purchasing from The Artisan Hub, you are boosting the economy of the regions around New Zealand where our artisans produce their wonderful products.


Who we are

Started by Dan Jennings in 2020, The Artisan Hub is the product of years of discussion, collaboration with a number of talented specialists, and a passion for finding the highest quality artisan products produced in New Zealand.

The journey started some five or more years back when a Cheese Club was born at a previous place of work. Every fortnight the team would gather together to enjoy the most recently procured dairy treats. Wanting to share the experience with others lead to an idea to create a business that offered a "Cheese Club" to other businesses and social groups. The journey took Dan on a year long stint working at a local cheese retailer, as well as numerous trips to artisan cheese producers, and farmer's markets to get a broad experience of the best cheeses New Zealand had to offer. The Artisan Hub is the culmination of that journey and the experience garnered along the way. Dan hope's you will enjoy the fruits of that journey as much as he has over the years.




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