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Where does your cheese come from? 

The Artisan Hub brings together the best hand-made artisan cheeses from around New Zealand and makes them available to you in one handy online store. We have cheeses from producers as far South as Dunedin, and as far North as Kerikeri.


Do you make your own cheese?

We leave the cheese making to the artisans who have finessed their recipes and honed their skills over a number of years. Instead we focus on bringing the best artisan cheeses to your door and spreading the word about New Zealand’s amazing artisan cheeses.


How much cheese do I need? 

One of course can never have ‘enough’ cheese. However, our New Zealand artisan cheese platters are usually intended as tasting platters for people to snack on over the course of an hour or two. As they are not designed to replace a full meal, we suggest you cater for between 100 – 150 grams of cheese per person. More if the cheese is designed to replace a meal. 


Are your cheeses vegan or vegetarian? 

The majority of the cheeses are made from cow, sheep or goat milk and use vegetable rennet in the cheese making process. For more details please visit the product page of the cheese you are looking at purchasing or contact us with any specific ingredient questions.


How should I store my cheese? 

Cheeses ordered from The Artisan Hub will be vacuum packed or wrapped in cling film. Store your cheese in the refrigerator until you are ready to serve. To maximise the flavour of your cheeses one to two hours before serving, remove them from their packaging and allow them to stand at room temperature before serving.

Once you have opened your cheese we recommend keeping the cheese refrigerated wrapped in wax paper or cling film in an airtight container. Ideally keep more aromatic cheeses (e.g. blue and washed rind cheeses) in separate containers from hard or soft cheeses to prevent contamination of flavours and aromas.


How long will cheese last in my refrigerator?

Each cheese is different, but we suggest for best results that you eat your cheese within one to two weeks of receiving it.


Where do you deliver?

The Artisan Hub currently delivers cheese with confidence to New Zealand metro areas.

As rural deliveries often use smaller rural depots, we cannot ensure that cheese will arrive at a rural address at a suitable temperature for consumption.

We do not currently ship internationally.


What is your return policy? 

We are unable to offer returns or exchanges on cheese or other edible products as we are unable to guarantee the safety of returned product.

If your product arrives damaged or you believe it is inedible, please contact us as soon as possible and provide imagery of the affected product.


Are your cheeses safe to eat?

All the cheeses on The Artisan Hub, unless specifically mentioned on product pages, are made with pasteurized milk, and are made by MPI (Ministry of Primary Industries) certified artisans. That means they are audited by a government agency and certified as conducting cheese making safely, on a regular basis.


How long will it take for my cheese to arrive?

Please read our delivery details page for information about delivery.


Is there a minimum amount of cheese I have to order?

No as shipping is paid as part of the checkout process, you can order as much or as little as you like. However, we do ask that, where possible, you consider the environment and try to consolidate your purchases. The Artisan Hub features cheeses from the best artisans across the country so you can get all your New Zealand artisan cheese in one place.


What happens if my order doesn’t arrive?

Please contact us if you have not received your delivery from The Artisan Hub based on the time frames outlined on the delivery information page.


What should I pair with my cheese?

All of our artisan cheeses are full of flavour that only handmade crafted products can produce and so can be enjoyed on their own. However to explore some delicious taste combinations, on each of our product pages, we have suggested a condiment pairing (e.g. a fruit paste, honeycomb, or other seasonal produce) that we believe provides an excellent taste combination. We have a range of these condiments and additions on The Artisan Hub that you can add to your order.

We also recommend a wine match or beer match. However, they are only suggestions and so we encourage you to try your own pairings to discover some delicious combinations. And please let us know your results!


Which cheeses work well together?

There are no hard and fast rules when putting a cheese platter together, but it would pay to consider your guest's tastes. If the guests are a little more adventurous then you may like to try something slightly more robust or different in flavour. Generally, soft and semi soft cheeses (bries, camemberts) have more delicate flavours, whilst blue cheeses and washed rind cheeses tend to be more strongly flavoured. Sheep and goat’s milk cheeses have distinctive flavours that differ from the standard cow’s milk a lot of people are used to, but are delicious in their own right.

If you’re putting a platter together, we suggest a range of soft, medium, and hard cheeses so your guests can enjoy different flavour combinations and textures.

Alternatively select one of our handy cheese platters or cheese boxes, which come with cheese, condiments and crackers ready to enjoy.


You don’t have a cheese I want, can you get it?

We are always trying new cheeses from artisans around New Zealand to make sure we are bringing you the best of New Zealand’s artisan cheese. We do not take every cheese from every cheesemaker, as we want to make sure we offer the best of New Zealand cheese, but if there is one cheese you particularly like that we don’t currently stock, please contact us.


Do you sell cheese from overseas?

We want to do everything we can to support local. That means solely focusing on the wonderful products made by our talented New Zealand cheesemakers.


Cheese Club FAQ's

When will the subscription box arrive?

Cheese subscription boxes are sent out on the first Tuesday of every month if you are a Cheese Club subscriber. Otherwise you can buy a Cheese Club box from The Artisan Hub anytime during the month. 


How often does the subscription box come?

Our Cheese Club subscription boxes are sent out monthly.


Is there a minimum amount of Cheese Club boxes I have to order?

Your Cheese Club subscription will continue until you cancel the subscription, or until the length of your subscription you originally purchased expires.


What if I want to cancel my Cheese Club subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time, and you will be refunded at a pro rata rate for any Cheese Club Subscription boxes you have not received. However please note that we need 48 hours notice to cancel a subscription. 


Cheese Platter FAQ's

Who will deliver the cheese platter?

We will personally deliver your cheese platter with everything you and your guests need to enjoy the platter at the time requested at the time you ordered. Please ensure you have provided instructions for our delivery team to get the platter to you.


How will it arrive?

Everything you need to enjoy the cheese platter will be contained inside your Artisan Hub cheese platter box. All you need to do is remove the cling film and serve. Please note that cheese platters should not be left out for more than 4 hours to prevent any risk of food safety issues. Cheese platters should be refrigerated until 1 hour before serving.


When will you collect the finished platter?

We will arrange with you to pick up the platter and all utensils from you the next business day at the time of drop off.


What if I want to keep some of the utensils or platter?

You are more than welcome to keep any of the utensils or platter that your cheese platter from The Artisan Hub comes with. We will simply charge your credit card for any items not returned from your cheese platter.


What if I break or lose something?

We are unable to take responsibility for broken or lost items. Your credit card will be charged for any utensils or platters which are not able to be used again, not returned, or are significantly damaged.


Cheese Tower FAQ's

How much does it cost?

Cheese towers will be designed based on the number of guests and preferences of the customer. Please call us for a quote and to discuss options


How much do I need?

As a general rule of thumb, we recommend 100 – 150 grams of cheese per person. This will allow each guest to taste the cheese. If the cheese tower is being served as a course, then adding an additional 100 grams per person is advisable.


Where do you deliver to? 

Cheese towers can be delivered in the greater Auckland area at present (charges apply). Alternatively, cheese towers can be picked up from our premise by prior appointment only.


How is the cheese served?

We are happy to provide cheese cutting utensils, platters and additional items for preparing and serving the cheese. We can provide instruction to caterers in the best way to prepare the cheese if required.

Gift Hamper FAQ's

I want to order a large number of Cheese Gift Hampers for corporate gifts, can you do that?

Absolutely, we can tailor the products of our gift baskets to suit your needs.


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