Our packaging

At The Artisan Hub we are committed to sustainability and minimising as much plastic and non recyclable goods as possible. However, we recognise the reality that we are also a food business, and must do everything we can to ensure our products are packaged and transported in ways that keep our products safe to consume. 

Our cheeses are either vacuum packed, or wrapped and often include pricing stickers. Please advise us via email (info@theartisanhub.co.nz) if you would like prices removed.

We use Planet Protector wool liners to insure our products reach you chilled and safe to eat. The great thing is you can cut open the plastic outer and then use the wool inside for a number of great purposes. Check out Planet Protector's page for re-use and recycling ideas

We use Thermogard ice packs to ensure our cheese stays chilled in transit, and arrives to your door in a safe condition. Please don't cut in to these, as they are not water, but are a special solution that stay frozen longer.

We also put a layer of bubble wrap between the ice pack and your items, this is to prevent freezer burn from the cheese package being in direct contact with the ice pack.

You will notice that your order from The Artisan Hub is fully taped. We do this to ensure as little cold air escapes from the package as possible and so that any foreign objects don't get in to your package. 

If you have any concerns over the quality or safety of your order from The Artisan Hub, please get in contact with us.


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