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Crème Fraîche (200g)

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Crème Fraîche , has a distinct sweetness and acidity without a sour finish. With an incredibly smooth texture, this Crème Fraîche  is an ideal substitute for recipes that use cream.  

Made right here in Auckland, New Zealand with local high quality Cow's milk, Annabelle's love of cheese is inspired by her childhood spent in France where fresh cheeses were a staple in her diet.

She has brought her passion to the New Zealand cheese making scene and now creates award winning fresh cheeses for all Kiwis to enjoy.

Crème Fraîche has a shelf life of 3 weeks. 


Serving suggestions:

Crème Fraîche works really well with any kind of recipe where cream is needed. It has a very mild acidity, adds freshness and flavour complexity. As well as containing live probiotic bacteria that is good for gut health. 


Pair with:

Crème Fraîche  Adds extra smooth texture and creaminess to your favourite dishes that use cream as part of their ingredients.


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