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Goat's Milk Fromage Frais (135g)

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A fresh low-fat curd cheese made from pasteurised goat's milk, the Fromage Frais is hand made by local passionate French woman Annabelle David.  

Fromage Frais can be used like feta or ricotta or as a lower-fat alternative to cream cheese. Try it on your bagel, baked into quiche or crumbed over your salad. Great as a base for bruschetta or simply on a cracker.

Made right here in Auckland, New Zealand with goat milk from the surrounding farming regions, Annabelle's love of cheese is inspired by her childhood spent in France where Fromage Frais was a staple part of her diet.

She has brought her passion to the New Zealand cheese making scene and now creates award winning fresh cheeses for all Kiwis to enjoy.

Comes in a 135g glass jar, and has a shelf life of 3 weeks.


Serving suggestions:

The Fromage Frais adds a creamy texture and taste to savoury dishes or in desserts like cheese cake and mousse.

Works well as a base for toppings on bagels, bruschetta and other savoury treats.

Or for a sweet treat, serve with honey or ripe fresh fruit! 


Pair with:

Your favourite fresh Summer fruits, berries, plums, nectarines, or spread straight on to a baguette and drizzle with honey.


Wine and Beer match:

Fromage Frais goes well with dryer light white wines, e.g. Dry Riesling or bubbles.

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